Thursday, April 29, 2010

A North Carolina Furricane and an Extreme Makeover: Doggy Edition

It was a sad state of affairs for this 1 year old pooch. Her wild fur (5 or 6 inches long in some areas) had kept her warm during the cold winter months, but as spring arrived, a "furricane" was brewing. The truth is, goldendoodles grow their adult coat at 10-12 months old. For our unfortunate friend, this period just happened to coincide with that well known seasonal warming. The result was a massive shedding. It came out in clumps all over the carpet, on our clothes and in our hands as we pet her. The furricane continued as we brushed her every day with the de-sheding comb. Mountains of hair piled up.

It was soon evident that this was not a category 1 furricane or even a category 3. This was a full blown category 5. Soon the poor victim had mats all over in her fur. Mats so tight there was no solution but to take her to a professional.

The family said farewell to the soft cottony fur they had grown to love. If only it could have been saved.... The groomer said the fur came off as if she were sheering a sheep (coming off in one large sheet).
The makeover was extreme, and everyone will have get used to this new look for a while. Everyone is hoping Olive does not turn into a diva, and she will grow her hair back soon. The bows have to go away now.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

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