Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beating the Heat

Expletives uttered upon leaving the air-conditioned house over the past few weeks:

"Holy Crap!"
"Aye Yi Yi!"
"Hot Hot Hot!"
"I think I'm gonna die."

There are not many ways to cool down in this town. In fact, unless you live in an apartment complex or have a gym membership, you would be hard pressed to find a pool. After suffering through the heat this month, and having the A/C break in my house, I was desperate for a pool!

Leave it to the lady who is 7 months pregnant to suggest we all go to a water park!

It was quickly agreed upon and we took off to West Water Park in Kinston, NC. Not that this water park was anything spectacular. It had 2 slides, which both shot straight down. Paul and David got their money's worth on them though! Many of the more experienced sliders could skim across the water for several seconds after leaving the slide. When asked how to perform such a feat one teen said, "There are 3 tricks that will guarantee a good skim at the bottom. 1-Tighten your trunks around your legs. 2- Wet the bar. 3- Hit the sides as you go down." Paul and David quickly concluded that the real trick is not to be over the age of 17.

Even Jack tried out the slide (I so wish I had a picture of his face!!). He came out of the water with a smile on his face and reveled in shower of praise and high fives. However, in an interview afterward the shocked 4-year-old commented, "I didn't like it. It was SCARY! I don't want to do it again."

It was hard to resist going down the slides and swinging from the trapeze, but Kara and I decided our babies wouldn't appreciate the trauma. We spent our time floating around in the regular pools and squirting each other with squirt guns.

We all agreed that it was a great way to cool off!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

30 Weeks

Frisbee Golf...EXCUSE me...Disc Golf

You know you've definitely passed the newly wed stage when your husband gives you a Christmas gift that is actually for him. This was the case last December when I opened one of my gifts on Christmas morning to find a set of frisbee golf discs and a nice carrying case. "WOW! I didn't even know I wanted to play frisbee golf."
This spring, Paul happily broke out the discs and began watching tutorial videos online. Come to find out, it is rather hard to land a frisbee in a goal 300 yards away. He's learned things like the hammer throw, skipping, rolling, and the difference between a putter and a distance driver. I tag along to the disc golf course and make futile attempts at hurling discs down range. Things are only complicated by the fact that I am now 7 months pregnant. Let's just say in a sport dominated by college boys who haven't showered or shaved in 3 weeks, I stand out.
In all honesty though, it is great to go out and spend time with my busy husband. In a couple of months it will be much harder for us to go out and do whatever we want. Every moment we can find to spend together should be treasured, and for me that means getting sideways glances as my belly and I launch discs across a park.

Paul and the trusty hound ready for some disc golf:

Olive loves to retrieve the disc after it has been thrown. This is good if you want a "do-over," but not so good if the throw was awesome. However, you can't complain about a dog who wants to retrieve things for you and drop them at your feet.

Ohh the concentration!

This is blurry, but it's the only example me throwing. Seems Paul and I both suck in our lips. Whatever helps, right?