Friday, November 20, 2009


We knew Olive was smart, now it is confirmed in writing. She has beautiful manners in class. If only she would apply them to real-world situations......

Giving Thanks

I find it interesting and heart warming to know that our holiday season kick-off is Thanksgiving. A holiday meant to turn our minds to the things we are most grateful for. Before we ever start to focus on the birth of Christ, gift giving, or starting a new year, we get a chance to reflect on our blessings. I am thankful for so many things. I don't think I can list them all, but here is my attempt at highlighting some of the things that enrich my life and make me happy.

Top 10 random objects I am thankful for:

10- My electric toothbrush: because I am too lazy to move my wrist up and down for 2 minutes.

9- Teva flip-flops: no place my feet would rather be.

8- My left pocket: where else would I keep my chapstick?

7- Olive's easy-walk harness: mostly my shoulder joint is thankful for this.

6- "Muntee" and "Fwaggy": otherwise my niece and nephew would never come to my house.

5- Fingernail polish remover: without it our house would still have streaks of blue paint running from the shutters.

4- The boogie board: even if it does fill my suit with sand sometimes.

3- Web-cam: How else could Spiderman have revealed his true identity. (It was Duncan the whole time!)

2- Training clicker: "shake!" -click- -treat- "good dog."

1- Our in-car GPS: It led us 2,265 miles to our new home in North Carolina and has since compensated for my now non-exsistant sense of direction. "Were going east, right?" "South." "DANG IT!!!"


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Home Un-Improvement: Part III

I wasn't planning on having a Part III in this series, but then again I don't plan my un-improvements. Let me just say we wanted to brighten up our faded shutters. I will let the photo tell the rest of the story, because this one is definitely worth a thousand words: