Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mormon Helping Hands

1 week after the tornado in Snow Hill, our LDS stake was able to provide some help in the clean-up. The Church delivered a semi full of food (enough to feed 300 people 1 meal a day for 2 weeks) and disaster clean-up supplies (like chainsaws and generators) for the community. 200 members came out to clean up debris. Seeing such destruction is sad and humbling. Finding item such as children's toys and wedding photos brings the emotionality of the situation to the surface.

This home has been moved completely off it's foundation.

What's left of a row of businesses. There is a truck stuck INSIDE the building.

The power of the wind was evident all around us. This floodlight post was bent in half.

It was images like this that were the hardest thing for me to see.

We cleaned an area where one of the oldest homes in the county stood. Green county had secured hundreds of thousands of dollars to restore it. The home was completely destroyed.
Homes from across the street were also blown off their foundations and across to the other side.

Paul working the wheelbarrow.
It was a privilege to serve the community and take a small part in the clean-up process. Easing burdens on Easter weekend is a perfect way to remember the Savior and his love for us.


  1. I am glad you are okay, that was a great reminder for the Easter weekend, thanks for the thoughts a pics, hits close to home, right?

  2. Great pictures. Glad you were able to be of service at their time of need. Its the kind of expericence you will always remember. Glad it was not your own house you were cleaning up.

  3. crazy stuff! glad you guys are safe! I think you and Paul need to rethink where you have lived!haha first the Caribbean where you had Hurricane warnings and now NC where you have Tornado warnings!haha you and Paul have always had crazy adventures! love ya!